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January 19th, 2011

english-essay-writingEnglish essay writing is part of educational English course that may involve writing about Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. This is a romantic play that describes early feeling and pure love of two truly young people. It is hard to describe the feeling of love, but Shakespeare does this job in a great manner when he sets his play action in middle-age Verona and shows this amazing feeling through the prism of two young people falling in love with each other yet their noble families are against that. Love has always been a topic that could be reviewed in many forms. The feeling of love transforms the person making him show and do things that he or she never did before. This feeling is able to make the person vulnerable and is able to show the person’s hidden inner nature sometimes surprising to the person himself. Some students find it not easy to write an essay on this topic. That is why we are able to help you with your english essay writing today.

The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Shakespeare wrote it in the early stage of his life and career. The play has received the highest appraisal from the critics over the centuries and became a literature masterpiece known to every person in the world today. A tragic love story told by Shakespeare touches and shows human nature on many levels.  A society is also being portrayed as allegory through the relationship of two teenage people. The love story is tragically beautiful depicting human nature and love in the most innocent and true way. Romeo falls in love with Juliet. Both of these teenagers belong to the feuding families of Verona meaning that their relationship is impossible to endure. The plot of the story starts with the severe hatred of two noble families but fate decides that love is able to happen. Despite of all consequences Romeo and Juliet develop a passionate relationship and they are not able to live without each other.

The story holds several morals that are applicable to any time or society today. First is depicting fate. Second is inner hatred should be changed or it may bring tragic consequences. Third is person’s inner conflicts are able to make his and everybody else’s lives miserable. Fourth and the last is everybody hold responsibility for everything happening. The play shows that the choice of the future lays on us and we need to take actions wisely.

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